Making your teminal prompt a little bit pretty

Written by Arvind

I use terminal a lot, it helps make work easier and faster. After using a Mac then moving to Ubuntu, I realized, that I couldn’t live without a Linux terminal. I wanted to customize my terminal prompt, so I looked into the internet and found [oh-my-zsh]( zsh), and looks pretty! lol!

zsh image

I wanted something like that, but, I don’t want to use ZSH, I want to stay in bash. Then I found bash_it. I don’t want to go and compare the two. but staying in bash, having a current path and git branch in my terminal prompt works for me. Bash_it has lots of plugins too and themes, I personally used ‘bobby theme’ and customized it to my needs.

my terminal

Installing bash_it
cd ~/
git clone --depth=1 ~/.bash_it
cd ~/.bash_it
sudo ./
To change theme

open your terminal, and nano into ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc and look for this line.

# Lock and Load a custom theme file
# location /.bash_it/themes/
export BASH_IT_THEME='bobby'

If you don’t like my theme, visit bash_it themes for more options. Chow!